About LNP Promotions

Would like to reinforce what we are trying to do.

1. We are a charity & any surplus we make goes towards other events & loud n proud – this is not a choice it’s who we are.
2. We are trying to raise awareness & funds for our charity.
3. LNP are doing that in the form of live events.
4. Our music events will mostly be in Paisley.
5. We will attract top acts to Paisley.
6. We want Paisley to be an attraction for touring bands.
7. We want to connect locally to help make our events great – if you can help please get in touch.
8. We want to work in partnership.
9. We want everyone to enjoy our events.

We need your help.

Please contact us with suggestions or if you can offer help or sponsorship.

Small print:

Communication is everything & we try our best.
Sometimes we get it wrong, If we have missed you out, we didn’t mean to – don’t hold it against us for ever.

Share the music.

Everything’s gonna be alright.